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Secrets to Awesomizing® Your Editor’s Back-end Drupal Experience

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"Show your content editors some love- Drupal style! In this session I’ll walk the intermediate site-builder through modules and techniques to dramatically simplify, de-clutter content management and creation within Drupal 7. Your content editors will thank you!

Numerous little-known modules and techniques will be covered and demonstrated. We'll also give an update and live demo of the Spark distribution, and go into the future of backend UX in Drupal 8."

Presented by Michael Herchel

Workbench: Managing Content Management

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Not all editorial tools are a part of Drupal Core, and Drupal has addressed these tools with various contributed modules. As a result, Drupal’s editorial space generally lacks a consistent workflow and interface. This presentation discusses opportunities for improving content management workflow using Workbench.

The Basics of D7

If you are a beginner, check out this series. In it, you will learn some essential and basic site building functions out of a new, standard Drupal installation. Keith walks you through installing Drupal and shows you how to manage and configure accounts, blocks, pages and content.


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Drupal 7 Managing Content

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In this tutorial, Kieth briefly introduces the content tab which lists all your content. He then shows you how to do bulk operations with your content. For example, you can mark multiple pieces of content and "unpublish" them.

Learn Drupal 7

Johan Falk presents, Learn Drupal 7.

It is powerful, flexible, inspirational – and fun. However, it may also be difficult to know where to start. Drupal is big and complex, and if you don’t know the basics you may get stuck on the silliest things. Don’t get stuck! Watch this learning series and get a solid start on your Drupal journey.

The series could be divided into three parts:
1. Editorial skills. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 covers content handling – how to create and edit content, and find your way around content management in Drupal core.


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Introduction to Drupal 7 content types

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Content types allow you to define custom styles of content for virtually any kind of use case. In this tutorial we will demystify how content types work.

Drupal Node publishing controls tutorial

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In this tutorial, Tom covers Drupal cores built-in publishing controls. You can combine these settings with user roles and permissions to create even more publishing workflows.

Adding and editing content in Drupal 7

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This tutorial is a quick run through of how to add, edit and find content in Drupal. Tom discusses various node options by creating an article and a basic page.

He concludes by reivewing Drupal's content list page, enabling you to do bulk updates and link to nodes for review and editing.

Drupal 7 node displays

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Nodes on a Drupal site can be displayed in several different modes, each useful in a different context. For each mode, we can configure what content gets displayed and how it is formatted.

In this tutorial we will look at the different node modes and how to manage how they are displayed.

How to Build Beautiful Forms in Drupal 7

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This is a 45-minute talk given at DrupalCamp Colorado, 2011. It covers how to work with some of the most interesting aspects of the Form API, including dynamically showing and hiding elements, and modifying existing forms. As an example, we convert the default search form to a Google suggestions-style format which auto-completes based on search history. Kind of fun!

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