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Drupal Tutorials #1 - Installing Drupal 7 Locally

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This is the 1st tutorial in a series that show users how to user the very popular open source content management system Drupal 7.

This tutorial shows users set up and install their Drupal site on a local host. This example uses XAMPP and phpMyAdmin.

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Install Drupal7 In 5 Minutes (or less)

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I created this video in order to show how easy it is to install Drupal 7 on a localhost web server on your computer. This is a quick overview to demonstrate of an installation.

Originally created as part of a presentation given at the 2012 Minne*bar UnConference.

Apps: Drupal Simplified

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Compare the experience of installing an app on your phone versus adding a feature to your Drupal website. Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy in Drupal as well? It is now with the new Apps module.

Learn how making a Drupal website is now easier than ever.

We'll cover installing, creating and finding apps as well as how to leverage Open Enterprise 7 to create a base system ready for apps.

Drush Deploy

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This session will explain how can drush help automate tasks during deployment, why you should be using a deployment tool, what drush deploy is, how drush can simplify drupal deployments and who drush is best suited for compared to other deployment tools.

Data Migration into Drupal

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So, your client has seen the light and is tossing out their old CMS in favor of Drupal. Their existing content, in the form of square pegs, needs to fit into nice round Drupal objects.

Learn about the Migrate module, from Moshe Weitzman, a maintainer of Migrate and Drush. Migrate module is a native Drupal solution for sucking in content from many different sources and saving it it cleanly into Drupal.

Easy Drupal Hosting Lifecycle: Local Dev, Production Deploy, Cloud Scale, and Sleep Well

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Presented by
Barry Jaspan

Drupal site best practice workflow includes initial development on local workstation, testing in a staging environment, and a production environment ranging from a single server to a high-performance high-availability cluster. After initial deployment, future versions go through the same workflow with the additional need to run tests based on the current production database and filesystem.

In this session, I'll demonstrate how to easily develop, test, and scale your Drupal site through this entire lifecycle without losing your mind.

The Basics of D7

If you are a beginner, check out this series. In it, you will learn some essential and basic site building functions out of a new, standard Drupal installation. Keith walks you through installing Drupal and shows you how to manage and configure accounts, blocks, pages and content.


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Drupal 7 Installation

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In this tutorial, Keith walks you through installing Drupal to your website via FTP. You will learn what to upload, what permissions to change and how to connect your site to your hosts database.

Install drupal 7 on a live web host

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Drupal 7 on a live site. Topics include, creating a MySQL database, transferring the Drupal files with an ftp client, and running the installer to setup the site.

Install Drupal 7 locally on your computer

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and setup a Drupal 7 development environment on your computer, a Mac in this example. Topics include installing MAMP,(Mac Apache MySQL PHP)creating a MySQL database, downloading and administering Drupals files and folders, running the installer and setup.

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