DrupalCon London

Drupal as Base System For Your iPhone Android iPad Apps

by DrupalCon London

Presented by: Sumit Kataria

This session is about building native iPhone/iPad/Android applications using opensource web based technologies (http://www.appcelerator.com) with Drupal as base system to manage content, users, views, permissions etc.

What will be covered

-An introduction to Titanium Framework to develop iPhone/Android apps using Titanium API, web technologies like javascript etc
-Introduction to ServicesAPI and web standards [json,xmlrpc]
-How to manage your application's data (content, tables, views, users, menus, taxonomy etc) using Drupal.
-We will build a live app ... introduce you to some code here (ServicesAPI, YQL, jQuery and Titanium API)
-Photo gallery apps, Video uploading, Geo apps, user data apps, creating nodes on the go!
-Demo of some apps we built for Android and iPhone platforms