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Building a Drupal Site So a Marketing Person Can Manage It

by Dallas Drupal User Group

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Quite often we build websites for companies or organizations and then when finished we hand them off to a marketing person or department and let them manage the site. What we often would find is that the site was too complicated so that it is nearly impossible to train the person actually using it on how to get it to look the way they want.

At LevelTen we've been working very hard to figure out some best practices around how to build the site so an average non-developer can understand the site and manage it themselves. We've used these techniques for the last 4 or 5 client sites and the results have been a resounding success. Our clients are much happier with the sites and are able to make changes and customize the sites in ways that was never possible before.

At this meetup we'll share the design philosophies and tools that we've discovered for building sites in such a way that mere mortals can manage them.

*No offense was meant to Marketing People. They are very good at what they do, which usually does not include system design and programming, which is what is usually required to manage a Drupal site.

Great Suggestions....

Great talk.....very informative on building out for the STAKEHOLDER. In this case the Marketer who is trying to do their job efficiently and effectively.