Four Kitchens

Custom Administration Tools

by Four Kitchens

Administration within Drupal tends to be a monolithic structure that users must learn to navigate and utilize if they ever want to take full advantage of the platform. In addition to this, the permission architecture of Drupal can be a bit arbitrary as to who gets access to what, often failing to have an appropriate level of granularity. In this session we will investigate how to deploy custom administrative environments for your users, create more granular access systems, and export these tools for long term reuse and re-deployment.

This session will focus primarily on the context_admin module and its relationship with ctools/page_manager and the default tools it provides. A working knowledge of features module will help in understanding this session, as well as experience with panels, views and ctools exportables.

The Hidden Power

I had to listen to the first part of this video twice, but once I grasped the basic concepts . . . What a powerful way to manage content administration. The tutorial as much reveals the power of Page Manager as it does explain a powerful way to manage content.

The challenge in watching this video is grasping the details. The presenter has such a deep and wide knowledge of Drupal and Page Manager and the menu system. Without this knowledge, a viewer could have trouble keeping up with the details that the presenter moves over very quickly.